Chapter 1. Introduction

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XML-RPC is a format devised by Userland Software for achieving remote procedure call via XML using HTTP as the transport. XML-RPC has its own web site,

This collection of PHP classes provides a framework for writing XML-RPC clients and servers in PHP.

Main goals of the project are ease of use, flexibility and completeness.

The original author is Edd Dumbill of Useful Information Company. As of the 1.0 stable release, the project was opened to wider involvement and moved to SourceForge.

A list of XML-RPC implementations for other languages such as Perl and Python can be found on the site.


Daniel E. Baumann

James Bercegay

Leon Blackwell

Stephane Bortzmeyer

Daniel Convissor

Geoffrey T. Dairiki

Stefan Esser

James Flemer

Ernst de Haan

Tom Knight

Axel Kollmorgen

Peter Kocks

Daniel Krippner

S. Kuip

A. Lambert

Frederic Lecointre

Dan Libby

Arnaud Limbourg

Ernest MacDougal Campbell III

Lukasz Mach

Kjartan Mannes

Ben Margolin

Nicolay Mausz

Justin Miller

Jan Pfeifer

Giancarlo Pinerolo

Peter Russel

Jean-Jacques Sarton

Viliam Simko

Idan Sofer

Douglas Squirrel

Heiko Stübner

Anatoly Techtonik

Tommaso Trani

Eric van der Vlist

Christian Wenz

Jim Winstead

Przemyslaw Wroblewski

Bruno Zanetti Melotti