Chapter 2. What's new

Table of Contents

3.0.0 beta
2.0 final
2.0 Release candidate 3
2.0 Release candidate 2
2.0 Release candidate 1

Note: not all items the following list have (yet) been fully documented, and some might not be present in any other chapter in the manual. To find a more detailed description of new functions and methods please take a look at the source code of the library, which is quite thoroughly commented in javadoc-like form.

3.0.0 beta

This is the first release of the library to only support PHP 5. Some legacy code has been removed, and support for features such as exceptions and dateTime objects introduced.

The "beta" tag is meant to indicate the fact that the refactoring has been more widespread than in precedent releases and that more changes are likely to be introduced with time - the library is still considered to be production quality.

  • improved: removed all usage of php functions deprecated in php 5.3, usage of assign-by-ref when creating new objects etc...

  • improved: add support for the <ex:nil/> tag used by the apache library, both in input and output

  • improved: add support for dateTime objects in both in php_xmlrpc_encode and as parameter for constructor of xmlrpcval

  • improved: add support for timestamps as parameter for constructor of xmlrpcval

  • improved: add option 'dates_as_objects' to php_xmlrpc_decode to return dateTime objects for xmlrpc datetimes

  • improved: add new method SetCurlOptions to xmrlpc_client to allow extra flexibility in tweaking http config, such as explicitly binding to an ip address

  • improved: add new method SetUserAgent to xmrlpc_client to to allow having different user-agent http headers

  • improved: add a new member variable in server class to allow fine-tuning of the encoding of returned values when the server is in 'phpvals' mode

  • improved: allow servers in 'xmlrpcvals' mode to also register plain php functions by defining them in the dispatch map with an added option

  • improved: catch exceptions thrown during execution of php functions exposed as methods by the server

  • fixed: bad encoding if same object is encoded twice using php_xmlrpc_encode